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Bringing Music to Life

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Unlocking the Secrets of Music

Music can best be understood as shapes fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. Musical DNA successfully reveals our inherited 'musical puzzle' for the very first time—using color, geometry, and sound to bring music to life.

Teaching Music as a Language  

Memorizing and reciting a piece of music is not the same as becoming 'fluent' in the musical language. Musical DNA's new, patented tools can teach you how to 'speak' the language of music in a more powerful way than ever before.

Capturing the World's Imagination

With a true understanding of the building blocks of music, you will be set free to make your own compositions and to play any kind of music you can imagine. You will no longer be tied to just sheet music.

Giving the Universal Gift of Music

Music breaks down boundaries and crosses all borders. By empowering yourself or a loved one with Musical DNA, you will not only be enriching your own life, you will be giving the gift of music to the world.

In-Person Musical DNA Training

We are currently offering in-person Musical DNA Training Sessions (for multiple instruments) at our Broad Ripple Music Studios in Indianapolis, IN. Using our new, patented tools, our 12-week curriculum will give you an unprecedented musical understanding and make it fun to acquire the muscle memory foundation for your chosen instrument. This is a paradigm shift in music education. Learn music theory using a fun video game tool instead of traditional worksheets. You will take this foundation with you and be musically empowered for the rest of your life.

For ages 7 and up—whether you are currently taking lessons or not.

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New MDNA Visualizer Coming Soon

You will soon be able to log in and light up Musical DNA for yourself, plug in multiple instruments, and light up Musical DNA on stage (or wherever). Click here to be notified when the visualizer is released.

New Studio Space in Indianapolis

MDNA recently moved into new offices—with professional recording studios, group lesson space, and a full backline setup for playing and recording. Come by for a tour! Click here to inquire about renting studio time.

About Us

Musical DNA® is a patented new way for computers to visualize music and sound. Musical DNA Software, LLC, will continue to leverage its patented technology, building new tools that will serve to advance music and sound related technologies around the globe.

Music is a universal language, and you should learn how to speak it! Join the Musical DNA family, and become empowered in music, in a way you never though possible! Music touches so many aspects of our lives; go to the Musical DNA Forum, and learn—for yourself—the many different ways Musical DNA will change our world.