Musical DNA®

Bringing Music to Life

New MDNA Game — Now Available!

PLAY the music

In CenterFire, play along with famous and well-loved music in our graphically stunning world! Simple and immersive gameplay provides an infinite amount of fun! Challenge yourself with multiple difficulty levels and become a CenterFire master!

SEE the music

Watch songs "come alive" — powered by our cutting edge Musical DNA technology — as you SEE music in multiple dimensions! Spend hours viewing the building blocks of music and how they all fit together like pieces of a puzzle, with vibrant colors and animations!

FIND your music

With more than a dozen free songs included, all with multiple game tracks, enjoy a robust selection of music and gameplay. Our ever-expanding catalog of additional songs for purchase spans every genre, ensuring that there's something for everyone!

MASTER your music

Unlock and earn in-game bonuses—with three types of mini-challenges. Increase your "Musical Lifetime Rank" by leveling up as you play! Collect trophies and view your accomplishments in the CenterFire Trophy Case!


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Musical DNA Software, LLC
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Tel/Fax: 317.884.8785


CenterFire now released

Our first iOS game, Centerfire, is currently available in the iTunes app store. An Android version is in the works. Check back for the latest news on CenterFire and other new products.

About Us

Musical DNA® is an analytics visualization company with 29 approved national and international patents. Musical DNA lets people SEE the language of music for the very first time. After focused research and development, Musical DNA has launched its first game, Centerfire, for iOS in February 2016. An Android version will follow in the second quarter.

Musical DNA seeks to "tangibly translate" the worldwide language of music by mapping it in the dynamic, visually stunning multi-dimensional Musical DNA Viewer. By creating technologies with an evolving user experience, Musical DNA seeks to be a revolutionary leader in music entertainment and education. The company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.